Sunday, June 10, 2012

kelly cutrone putting janice dickinson in her place

I love Kelly! She tells it as it is. She is not one or the other and she has a nice balance of character especially int he Pr industry.
If there is one person in the industry no one wants to piss off, it’s Kelly Cutrone. [Ed. note: OK, really it's Anna Wintour, but she won't put your shit on blast like Cutrone.] The lifestyle guru, America’s Next Top Model judge, and PR maven is known for telling it exactly how it is, no matter who it is. The most recent victim of her acid tongue? Janice Dickinson.
Dickinson, who seems to enjoy running her mouth about anything in order to stir the pot, recently mouthed off about her former employer, Tyra Banks, calling her “soulless, heartless, and cold.”
We hung out with Cutrone recently (more on that later) and she told us she’s “gotten really close with Tyra.” So what did she think about the choice words Dickinson had for her Top Model boss?
“Janice is a bitch. You can quote me on that. She’s an erratic, unpredictable bitch. Last time I saw her on TV she was on Dr. Drew’s Celebrity Rehab, so I’m not really going to take her as a credible source against Tyra Banks,” she said. “If somebody puts you on TV, even if it’s just for a year, you need to be thankful.” She continued, “I mean, what’s her fucking beef with Tyra? I think Janice Dickinson just needs to talk shit about Tyra to get her name in the papers.”
Janice Dickinson, I think you’ve met your match.
And it sounds like, soon, we’ll be seeing even more of Cutrone on the small screen. She dished that she’s currently working on another reality television show that will be “entrepreneurial based” (whatever that means). But if you are lucky enough to get on her show–you better say, “Thank you.”


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